High Asset Divorce

High net worth divorce lawyers have the resources and experience to represent their clients in these cases. They can help you navigate the process and ensure the needs of your children are met. Your lawyer will work with you to protect your interests and achieve your goals. However, you need to hire a skilled and experienced divorce attorney in New York.
At Douglas Family Law Group, we have experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable lawyers who understand the intricate New York laws that apply to high net worth divorce cases. We work hard to protect your children, your assets, and your rights.

Divorce can lead to feelings of resentment, regret, guilt, depression, and failure. High net worth divorce adds an extra layer of stress and anxiety. It can involve long, costly, and dramatic litigation since it involves unique or complex financial issues. Hiring the right New York high net worth divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in your divorce case and outcome, and help to limit the stress, length, and cost associated with your matter.

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What Does a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Do?

High net worth divorce attorneys file the paperwork and negotiate a settlement on behalf of their clients. They advise their clients on issues, such as property division , child support, and child custody. And they help their clients protect their assets and get the possible outcome for their cases.

Here is what a high net worth divorce lawyer does.


Protects Your Rights

A good lawyer can help protect your rights. If your spouse hires a skilled and experienced high net worth divorce lawyer, you may end up with a huge child support order. A lawyer has the best interests of their clients at heart. Your lawyer will ensure your rights are protected and ensure you get what you deserve.


Gives Sound Advice

It is difficult to make the hard decisions that come during the divorce process. If you want to get what is best for you in your divorce, you need to get sound advice from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. Your lawyer will ask you in-depth questions to get to know the intricacies of your matter. This will allow us to know what is best for you and give you the best advice on how to move forward.


Keeps you Calm

It can be hard to remain calm during a high-stakes divorce. We are all human, and it is easy to lose your temper when negotiating the marriage you worked hard on. Your lawyer will help keep you calm and level-headed, to ensure that your behavior does not influence the settlement of your divorce.


Saves You Time and Money

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a divorce lawyer helps you preserve your time and assets. If you hire an inexperienced attorney, you may wind up spending much more than if you had retained a more experienced high net-worth specializing attorney. This is because our specialized attorneys have years of practice and have developed efficient case-flows designed for the highest-stake matters. “Cheaper” options will create headaches and prolong your case matter with subpar settlements that will require re-negotiation.


Files the Paperwork

Do not file your paperwork on your own. Even though the process may seem straightforward, our attorneys are trained in analyzing every detail, no matter how small. When handling complex and high-value assets, you need to have an experienced high-stakes attorney preparing and filing your paperwork for you.


Creates an Amicable Child Custody Plan

Child custody matters are inherently emotional. Our experienced attorneys know how to design an agreement that has not only the best interest of your child in consideration, but the emotional toll the agreement will take on you and the other parent as well. It is crucial to hire a good lawyer to help you create an amicable child custody plan. Your high net worth lawyer will ensure you the final decision is one you are comfortable signing.


Communicates Better with Your Spouse

It is not easy to deal with divorce. You may feel betrayal, sadness, or anger throughout the course of your divorce action. We know that this makes it difficult to communicate with your spouse. However, there will be times when you need to communicate with your spouse. Our attorneys will give you the best advice to facilitate effective communication with your spouse when it is appropriate.


Helps You Make Better Decisions


Do not rush into any decisions during your divorce matter. You may end up regretting them. We understand that you may be in a rush to finalize your divorce, however we do not want you to concede more than you have to. Our lawyers will review your situation to help you make better decisions when it comes to your settlement.


Hiring a high net worth divorce lawyer is one of the best decisions you make during your high net worth divorce proceedings in places like White Plains. A good lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and skills to help you make better decisions and get what you deserve.




How Can Douglas Family Law Group Help Me With My High Net-Worth Divorce?

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable high net worth divorce lawyers are committed to protecting your interests and securing the best possible outcome. We will do our best to help you protect your assets you've worked so hard to build.

Correctly Identify Assets


We want to help you receive your fair share in the divorce settlement. That is why we will take our time to correctly identify assets and accurately value them. When we correctly identify assets, we can prevent potential disputes that might arise in the future. We will help to breakdown what is considered marital property vs. separate property.


Properly Value Assets

As we just mentioned, the assets must be valued once they have been identified. We have a built-out network of Forensic Accountants and specialized assessors for all arrays of assets, including but not limited to boats, homes, cars, and jewelry. When dealing with high-value assets, it is critical to have the most accurate information to build a settlement off of.


Help You Avoid Emotionally Charged Decisions


When our spouse hires a lawyer, you may feel betrayed or ashamed. This can lead you to rush into hasty decisions. While it may be difficult, it is imperative you do not make decisions based on your emotions. If you make the wrong decisions, you may end up worse off financially over the long term.


We will not let emotions get in the way of you getting a fair settlement. We will take our time to understand your needs and contributions to help you get a fair and equitable settlement. We will take a rational and level-headed approach while having your best interests at heart. This will help us do our best to ensure you get what you rightfully deserve.




How Can Douglas Family Law Group Help Me With My High Net-Worth Divorce?


There are so many things you can lose in a high net-worth divorce. If you are going through a high net-worth divorce in New York or Connecticut, then the stakes are high.


You do not want to let your divorce take away all of the hard work you and your family have made in creating your life. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a proven and powerful high net-worth divorce lawyer to protect your rights and assets.


At Douglas Family Law Group, we will not let a separation or divorce threaten your assets. We have the financial insights, dispute resolution experience, litigation experience, and business acumen to help resolve complex issues. 


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