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Divorce can leave every member of a family with deep emotional scars.  Dreams and perfectly laid plans are shattered. The one you once loved the most has hurt you in unimaginable ways. Children are often confused and worried. Parents struggle to make decisions that meet their needs and protect their children’s best interests. Divorce is often a time of crisis.

There are no real winners in divorce proceedings. That’s why, the approach you take to end your marriage should be well thought out and personally tailored to your entire family’s needs, both emotional and financial.

At Douglas Family Law Group, PLLC, we take the time to understand your situation and develop the plan of action that is best for you and your family during this delicate time.

Divorce Litigation

The diligent and dedicated litigators at the Douglas Family Law Group, PLLC, will examine each and every aspect of your situation and fight for what matters the most to you. During your initial consultation, we will truly get to know you and your individual needs. Have you spoken to your spouse? Is there animosity? Do you have children? Do you have significant assets? Where are you emotionally? Do you need further education or training to successfully reenter the workforce?

Together, we will explore all of the issues from start to finish and advise you of your legal rights. If you and your spouse have accumulated significant assets, we can skillfully address the complexities associated with complex property division. We work to honestly inform you of the choices open to you. We strive to keep you focused on moving forward through the tangle of emotional, financial and practical decisions you are facing and onto a more positive future. We will protect your rights each and every step of the way when litigating issues like:

Child Custody & Visitation  |  Child Support  |  Property Division  |  Maintenance

Divorce Mediation

Some couples are able to make the best decisions for their families collaboratively, despite their differences. While other couples simply cannot work together. Divorce Mediation is not for everyone, and that is okay. However, for those couples who are suitable for Mediation, the benefits can be astounding. In a litigated divorce, your family’s major decisions are made by a Judge who has only met your family a handful of times. While the Judge certainly knows the law, he or she does not know the intimate details of what makes your family tick like you do.

Mediation allows you and your spouse to maintain the power to make decisions that will impact your future. Our firm is focused on providing fair, affordable solutions for clients going through difficult family conflicts involving:

Child Custody & Visitation  |  Child Support | Property Division  |  Maintenance


During the mediation process, a neutral third party, aka, the Mediator, works with the couple to facilitate good communication, develop creative settlement options, and guide them so they can resolve the issues of child custody, division of property, child support and maintenance. Couples should anticipate meeting with their Mediator several times before a final resolution is reached. The Mediation sessions are held in a relaxed, confidential, and comfortable environment –not a courtroom. Mediation is a cost effective voluntary process where all decisions are made by mutual agreement.

Why Divorce Mediation?

  • Mediation often costs a fraction of the cost of litigation.
  • Parties maintain control over their own future rather than having a judge decide it for them.
  • Mediation is much less stressful on families and especially less stressful on the children.
  • The mediation process is respectful to the needs of everyone involved.
  • The parties are able to make decisions based on their family’s unique needs.

Uncontested Divorce

An Uncontested Divorce occurs when:

There are no disagreements between you and your spouse over any financial or divorce-related issues (child custody and support, division of marital property or spousal support) AND;

  • Your spouse either agrees to the divorce OR;
  • Fails to appear in the divorce action (Defaults).

Uncontested Divorce is a cost effective and time sensitive option for couples who do not have children or have agreed upon child custody, visitation, and child support and have little to no marital property. In some instances you may not even need to appear in Court.

You may start the divorce process thinking that the proceeding will be uncontested, but discover later that your spouse has decided to contest (“fight”) the case. Not to worry, because our Attorneys are here to help you with uncontested and contested divorces. During your initial consultation we will discuss and evaluate your situation and develop the strategy best suited for your individual needs.