Who Keeps the House After a Divorce? Video Transcription

Who gets to keep the house after a divorce? What a good question. The answer is, it depends and the court determines who keeps the house or other property, based upon equitable distribution. That’s the courts way of determining what portion of the subject property is marital property or separate property. In the case of the house, factors that could be considered by the court are, who owned the house before the marriage? Is it titled in both the husband and the wife’s name or just one of the parties name? Did either of the parties contribute to the value of the house? Meaning, did they add on a second wing or do major construction that made the house go up in value? Then if they did, they’d be entitled to a portion of that based upon factors such as the length of the marriage or the value that was increased by their efforts. So, it really all depends on the circumstances of your particular family and what happened when the house was purchased and what happened after you lived in the house, during the time of the marriage.

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