Westchester Supreme & County Court

About the Westchester Supreme & County Court

The Westchester Supreme Court & County Court in Westchester County, New York, are part of the state’s unified court system.

Overview of the Supreme Court

  • The Supreme Court in New York is the trial-level court of general jurisdiction. It is not to be confused with the U.S. Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the federal system.
  • The New York Supreme Court is organized into 12 judicial districts, and Westchester County is in the Ninth Judicial District.
  • The Supreme Court in New York handles civil and criminal cases, as well as appeals from lower courts. In civil cases, it has unlimited jurisdiction, meaning it can hear cases involving any amount of money.

Overview of the County Court

  • The County Court is a trial court with limited jurisdiction. It handles criminal cases, including felony cases, and certain civil cases. In Westchester County, it is part of the unified court system.
  • The County Court also has jurisdiction over family offense matters, which involve domestic violence issues.
  • Unlike the Supreme Court, the County Court’s jurisdiction is limited to specific types of cases and lower-level felonies.


The Westchester Supreme & County Court plays a crucial role in the administration of justice, addressing a wide range of legal matters for the residents of the county.

Judges & Staff

  • Hon. Robert M. DiBella
  • Hon. David F. Everett
  • Hon. Keri A. Fiore
  • Hon. William J. Giacomo
  • Hon. Hal B. Greenwald
  • Hon. James L. Hyer
  • Hon. Linda S. Jamieson
  • Hon. Nancy Quinn Koba
  • Hon. Joan B. Lefkowitz
  • Hon. Lewis Lubell
  • Hon. Janet C. Malone
  • Hon. Paul I. Marx
  • Hon. Anne E. Minihan
  • Hon. Alexandra D. Murphy
  • Hon. Robert A. Neary
  • Hon. Robert S. Ondrovic
  • Hon. Anar Rathod Patel, AJSC
  • Hon. Thomas Quinones
  • Hon. Gretchen M. Walsh
  • Hon. Barry E. Warhit
  • Hon. Charles D. Wood
  • Hon. James McCarty, AJSC
  • Hon. Anar Rathod Patel, AJSC
  • Hon. Damaris Torrent, AJSC
  • Hon. Helen M. Blackwood, AJSC
  • Hon. Susan Cacace, AJSC
  • Hon. Susan M. Capeci, AJSC
  • Hon. George E. Fufidio, Jr., AJSC
  • Hon. Robert J. Prisco, AJSC
  • Hon. Maurice D. Williams
  • Hon. Brandon R. Sall
  • Lisa D’Angelo, Clerk of Court
  • Ronda Brown, Deputy Clerk of Court
  • James Scully, Deputy Clerk of Court

Location & Contact Information

111 Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
White Plains, NY 10601

Civil Department Phone: 914-824-5300
Criminal Department Phone: 914-824-5400


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