Urban Justice Center

About the Urban Justice Center

In 1984, Douglas Lasdon initiated the Urban Justice Center (UJC) under humble circumstances, starting from a dilapidated building in East Harlem with minimal funding.

Leveraging his legal expertise, Lasdon ventured into unconventional locations such as soup kitchens, jails, and shelters—places often overlooked by others—and established free legal clinics.

Four decades later, despite facing social challenges and divisions, the Urban Justice Center, located in New York County, continues to stand as a resilient advocate for transformative change.

Today, the Urban Justice Center (UJC) comprises numerous enduring Anchor Projects, each dedicated to assisting tens of thousands of individuals annually on crucial matters spanning homelessness, discrimination, asylum-seeking, and escaping intimate partner violence.

Led by experts in their respective fields, each project develops its unique strategy for instigating change.

This often involves a blend of providing free direct legal services to those in need, engaging in impact litigation, offering social services, organizing communities, advocating for legislative changes, conducting “know your rights” trainings, and implementing various other initiatives.

Location & Contact Information

40 Rector St. Floor 9
New York, NY 10006

Phone: 646-602-5600


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