Understanding Pre-nuptial Agreements

Prenups are so important to have, but not for the traditional reasons that the media makes you think.

Prenups are important because they make you talk. It’s not about planning for divorce, it’s more about planning for a future. There’s nothing more romantic than saying to your partner, “I love you so much, that I want to protect you no matter what.” And the other thing that’s great about having a prenup is that you’re making decisions for a potential end, while you’re still happy, so you’re cutting out the animosity that there typically is at the end of the contested divorce.

It’s about education and encouraging people to keep the conversation open. What better time to really have an open conversation with your partner, then when you are planning and you’re thinking about protection in love.

Prenups are romantic too because you’re a team, and that’s really what a prenup is. It’s a game plan.

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