Superior Court of Stamford/Norwalk

About the Superior Court of Stamford/Norwalk

The Superior Court of Stamford/Norwalk, located in Fairfield County, is part of the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s system, specifically falling under the jurisdiction of the Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District.

The Superior Court in Stamford/Norwalk would handle a variety of legal matters, including civil, criminal, family, and juvenile cases.

Judges & Staff

  • Taggart D. Adams, Judge Trial Referee
  • John F. Blawie, Superior Court Judge
  • Vikki Cooper, Superior Court Judge
  • Jennifer J. DeCastro-Tunnard, Superior Court Judge
  • Robert L. Genuario, Judge Trial Referee
  • Robert G. Golger, Superior Court Judge
  • Donna Nelson Heller, Senior Judge
  • Alex V. Hernandez, Superior Court Judge
  • Bruce P. Hudock, Judge Trial Referee
  • Edward R. Karazin, Jr., Judge Trial Referee
  • John F. Kavanewsky, Jr., Judge Trial Referee
  • Edward T. Krumeich, II, Judge Trial Referee
  • Charles T. Lee, Judge Trial Referee
  • Yamini Menon, Superior Court Judge
  • Stanley Novack, Judge Trial Referee
  • Kevin A. Randolph, Senior Judge
  • Michael E. Shay, Judge Trial Referee
  • Kevin Tierney, Judge Trial Referee
  • Anthony D. Truglia, Jr., Superior Court Judge
  • Joseph Vizcarrondo, Superior Court Judge
  • Gary J. White, Judge Trial Referee
  • Sheila A. Ozalis, Superior Court Judge

Location & Contact Information

123 Hoyt St.
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: 203-965-5308


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