Adopting a Child In New York

If you’ve decided that you want to adopt a child, there are a number of steps that you can take.

But first, you’ll have to determine whether or not you’re going to do the adoption through an agency or via private placement. In either instance though, the process will begin by you completing an application and/or petitioning the court.

Typically, the next step involves a social worker coming to your home to meet with you and your family and that social worker will conduct what’s called a home study report that will be given to the agency and/or the court for evaluation. Because remember, the agency and/or the court, always want to make sure that the child’s best interest are protected and that the child that you adopt will be in a loving and warm environment.

There are a number of factors that can go into an adoption, all of which are important. So we invite you to come into the office and talk with us in detail. Everybody’s circumstances are different, so we’ll be able to let you know which is the best course of action to take and work with you through adoption which is really a great thing.