New Rochelle Family Court

About the New Rochelle Family Court

The New Rochelle Family Court, located in Westchester County, is one of three courthouses in the Westchester Family Court system. The family court hears and determines legal issues involving children and families.

Jurisdiction extends to matters involving: child custody and visitation; adoptions and guardianship; juvenile delinquency; persons in need of supervision (PINS); child neglect and abuse; monetary support for children, spouses and exspouses; determination of paternity; and domestic violence between family members.

For proceedings involving separation, annulment, or divorce must be brought before the Supreme Court, as the Family Court does not handle these.

Judges & Staff

  • Hon. Melissa A. Loehr, AJSC
  • Carol A. Jordan, Support Magistrate
  • Stephanie Lammers, Court Attorney Referee
  • Stephen G. Byrnes, Chief Clerk
  • Michael Salcito, Principal Court Clerk

Location & Contact Information

26 Garden Street
New Rochelle, NY, 10801

Phone: 914-831-6590


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