Midtown Community Court

About the Midtown Community Court

The Midtown Community Court is a specialized court located in New York County. It operates as part of the New York State Unified Court System and is known for its innovative approach to addressing quality-of-life offenses and fostering community engagement.

The Midtown Community Court aims to address low-level, nonviolent offenses in a way that promotes community service, restitution, and social services rather than traditional punitive measures. This approach is designed to address the underlying issues contributing to criminal behavior and enhance community safety.

In an effort to diminish crime rates, decrease incarceration, and bolster public confidence in the justice system, the Midtown Community Court collaborates with local stakeholders to enhance the Midtown Manhattan community.

The court takes an innovative approach to address minor offenses, aiming for sentences that contribute to the restoration of the victim, defendant, and the community at large.

The court’s on-site social services clinic and programs focusing on fatherhood and workforce development are accessible to all, extending their benefits to both court participants and members of the community.

An independent evaluation has substantiated notable reductions in both crime and the utilization of jail within the court’s jurisdiction.

Location & Contact Information

314 W 54th St.
New York, NY 10019

Phone: 646-264-1300


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