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Child Support

Broken marriages can affect minor children. Therefore, if you and your partner decide to dissolve your legal marriage and you have minor children, you or your partner may have to pay child support. The purpose of child support is to meet the material needs of the child.

What Is Child Support?

Child support is the money that one parent pays the other parent to financially support their child. The non-custodial parent usually pays child support to the custodial parent.

Manhattan child support attorney

How Is Child Support Determined In New York?

New York family courts use the net weekly income of the parent to determine the child support payments. The court will use the weekly incomes of the parents to determine how much each parent will contribute to child support.


Surrogacy has recently been legalized in New York, marking a historic shift towards more progressive family planning laws. This process, where a woman carries a pregnancy for intended parents who are unable to do so themselves, is now legally recognized and compensated. The Child-Parent Security Act provides legal protections for both surrogates and intended parents, ensuring that everyone involved has access to independent legal representation and comprehensive medical evaluations.

This new legislation recognizes the importance of surrogacy as a viable option for families who struggle with infertility or other medical conditions that prevent them from carrying a pregnancy. While some critics argue that it commodifies the human body and exploits vulnerable women, the overwhelming response has been positive. This progressive step forward offers hope to many families who are eager to start a family but face significant obstacles.

With clear guidelines on how surrogacy contracts should be drafted and what they should cover, this legislation strikes a balance between protecting the rights of all parties involved and making surrogacy a more accessible option for those who need it. The legalization of surrogacy in New York is a positive step towards more inclusive and compassionate family planning laws and has been hailed as a victory for those seeking to expand their families in new and innovative ways.

What If There’s a Change in My Financial Situation?

If there is a change in your financial situation in Manhattan, New York, you can file a petition to the court to modify your child support order. If you can provide substantial evidence, then the court is more likely to rule in your favor. The court can, therefore, reduce or even remove your obligation of child support.

Do you want to pursue a child support claim in Manhattan, New York? At Douglas Family Law Group, we can guide you through the entire process. We will protect your interests and ensure the needs of your child are met. Calls us at 914-615-9058 to learn how you can protect your legal rights.

Child Custody

The courts consider the best interest of the child when determining child custody arrangements in New York. Judges usually favor agreements that minimize the disruption of the life and routines of the child. The parents can participate in the upbringing of the child. However, child custody arrangements are not always 50/50.

How Does New York Family Court Determine Child Custody?

New York family courts consider many things when making, modifying, or approving child custody arrangements. They are responsible for ensuring the best interests of the child are met. Here are the things the courts consider before they award custody:

  • The home stability of each parent
  • The needs of the child
  • The custody wishes and interests of each parent
  • How the child relates with both parents
  • The ability of parents’ involvement in the life of their child
  • The financial resources of each parent

Can You Create a Child Custody Plan Without the Involvement of the Court in New York?

Yes, you can create a child custody plant without the involvement of the court in the state of New York. Therefore, you do not have to attend court proceedings to create a child custody plan. You and your partner can prepare an agreement on your own.

The courts will, however, have to review your agreement to ensure it serves the best interests of the child. We highly recommend seeking the services of the right child custody lawyer to help you devise a custody agreement.

What If Parents Cannot Agree on All Aspects of Child Custody in New York?

If you cannot agree on all aspects of child custody, then New York family law courts can get involved to determine a favorable child custody agreement. It is confusing and draining to navigate the child custody court proceedings. It is wise to retain the services of a child custody lawyer in Manhattan, New York.

At Douglas Law Group, we have knowledgeable and skilled child custody lawyers who can help you understand child custody laws in New York. We are committed to helping you and your family get the best-case outcome. Contact us at 914-615-9058 for a consultation.

Parenting Plans

Once people get divorced, they will still want to spend more time with their children. Therefore, if you want to spend more time with your children after your divorce, you may need to create a parenting plan. Hire a good lawyer to help you draft an agreement indicating your responsibilities and rights regarding visitation rights and child custody.

How Do Parenting Time Guidelines Work In New York?

As a parent in New York, you are entitled to seek visitation rights and child custody. The family courts are gender-neutral. Therefore, parents have equal rights regarding visitation cases and child custody.

What Elements Must Be Covered in Parenting Plans in New York?

Here are the elements you need to cover in your parenting plan in New York:

  • A description of dispute resolution in the event a dispute arises
  • The consequences if one parent fails to abide by the parenting plan
  • A description of the day-to-day responsibilities of each parent while considering the child’s daily life
  • A schedule that describes the physical custody of the child
  • The parental actions and de-escalation steps to minimize conflicts between the parents
  • A description of a legal custody agreement and components, like education and healthcare

Do I Need a Parenting Time Lawyer, and How Can One Help Me?

If you have children and are planning to pursue a divorce in New York, you will need strong legal representation. Hiring a good parenting time lawyer can help protect your rights and assist you to create the most convenient parenting plan.

The perfect parenting plan should include the circumstances, goals, and needs of each family. Do you want to create an ideal parenting plan? At Douglas Family Law Group, we can help you create an ideal parenting plan. We will make sure the best interests of your child are met. Contact 914-615-9058 for more information.


Cohabitation is becoming more common in New York. This is because many couples are deciding not to marry. These couples enter into cohabitation agreements. It seems like a smart choice for many couples. Why? Cohabitation agreements do not trigger financial obligations on unmarried partners.

What Is a Cohabitation Agreement, and When Should I Draw One Up?

A cohabitation agreement is a legal agreement between couples who have decided to live together. It outlines the living arrangements of the couple.

If you are not married and you want to live with your partner together, you can sign a cohabitation agreement before you move in with your partner. Your cohabitation agreement can outline your financial obligations and the terms of living together. You can use this agreement to protect your interests.

What Happens to Our Cohabitation Agreement Should We Decide to Marry?

You can sign a cohabitation agreement before you move in with your partner. If, however, you decide to get legally married, you may decide to revise or end your cohabitation agreement. If you are signing a marriage contract, you can end your cohabitation agreement. You can sign a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets.

Remember, if you can make a small mistake when drafting your cohabitation agreement, the court might refuse to enforce it. It is, therefore, essential to hire Manhattan, NY, cohabitation lawyer to help you draft or review your cohabitation agreement.

cohabitating couple in Manhattan

Do Cohabiting Couples in New York Have the Same Rights as Married People?

No, cohabitating couples do not have the same rights as married couples in New York. For example, if you acquire properties when cohabitating, then you might not enjoy these properties. Why? Unmarried couples are not protected by marital property laws, even if they have been cohabitating for many years.

Do you want to draw up a cohabitation agreement in New York? Call Douglas Family Law Group to help you draw up your cohabitation agreement in Manhattan, New York. We will do whatever it takes to protect your best interests. We are ready to assist you and your partner to draft a cohabitation agreement.

Prenuptial Agreement

Ending your marriage is one of the most difficult decisions. It is just difficult to leave a marriage. In some cases, however, divorce is the right choice. It is, therefore, better to sign a prenuptial agreement before you sign a marriage contract. A prenuptial agreement can protect your finances and properties in case of a divorce.

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a written contract that two people create before they are married. It outlines how each of the partner’s assets will be shared between the partners in the event of a divorce. Parents can also use it to protect the financial interest of their children.

What are the benefits of a prenuptial agreement in Manhattan

What Are the Benefits of Having a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement outlines the financial responsibilities of the partners during and after their marriage. Here are some of the benefits to have a prenuptial agreement:

  • Reduce future conflict
  • Create a plan if the marriage fails
  • Separate personal property from marital property
  • An estate plan establishment

What Should Our Agreement Include?

Here are the requirements of a prenuptial agreement in Manhattan, New York:

  • The crucial matters, such as personal rights and obligations
  • The rights and obligations of each spouse on jointly owned property
  • Participation right in a retirement plan of the spouse
  • Property division after separation, divorce, or death
  • Spousal maintenance after divorce
  • Trust or will to carry out the agreement’s provisions
  • Property management, control right, and transfer
  • The ownership rights of a life insurance policy’s death benefit
  • The law the couples choose to govern the agreement

Make sure your prenuptial agreement does not violate public policy or the law. In addition, it should not affect the right to child support. The courts review any provision for child support or child custody.

Why Should I Hire a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer?

Hiring a prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you understand your agreement terms. Do not rush to sign it before talking to your lawyer. Your lawyer reviews your prenuptial agreement and gives you sound advice.

If you need to add specific terms to your premarital agreement, you will need to services of an experienced and knowledgeable prenuptial agreement lawyer. Your lawyer can help you include these terms in your premarital agreement.

If you are thinking of pursuing a premarital agreement in Manhattan, NY, feel free to contact Douglas Family Law Group for strong legal representation. We are ready to answer all your questions. So, call 914-615-9058 to book a consultation.

Post Judgment Modifications

A post-judgment modification is a change in the terms of custody, support, or other matters after a divorce. For example, one former spouse may request changes on visitation orders, spousal maintenance orders, child support orders, and more.

The party requesting a post-judgment modification must prove there has been a significant change in circumstances that justifies altering the terms of the original order.

What Is a Post-Judgment Modifications Lawyer?

A post-judgment modification lawyer helps parents to compile financial information outlining the reasons to modify the previous court orders. These lawyers assist with cases involving parenting plans, child support, relocation, and maintenance.

Why Should I Hire a Divorce Modifications Lawyer?

Making modifications after a divorce presents numerous challenges, and having a family law attorney by your side can make a world of difference. Unless the changes in circumstances are significant and can be proved, a court won’t grant alterations to custody, child support, etc.

If you decide to file a modification request, your lawyer will ensure you file the request properly to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

At Douglas Family Law Group can assist you in filing and submitting a post-judgment modification.

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