How Does Child Custody Work In New York?

The majority of times when clients come in and they’re having a child support issue, or child custody issue, first they’re concerned about where their child is going to live and how much time they’re going to spend with their child. So our first goal is to let them know how the law works, what the methodology is, what’s the breakdown. With regard to child custody it’s thinking about what you need, and what your family’s goals are, and preserving the family. We tell our clients, “When you look back at the end of the divorce, you really want to feel like you’ve done what’s best for your family.” You separate the adult relationship and focus on what’s going to make the child most comfortable, most healthy, what’s going to be productive for them, and to help them to flourish.

When you know that you got a plan that can work, and a team that will back you up, then you know that the outcome and the end result is going to be something that’s going to work for you, and that you’re going to learn to embrace. Sometimes the new change or the new challenge is a beautiful new beginning. If you find yourself going through a change within your family, reach out to us, we’re here to help.