Harlem Community Justice Center

About the Harlem Community Justice System

Situated in New York County, the Harlem Community Justice Center is a community court deeply dedicated to fostering connections between the legal system and the local community. Its primary commitment lies in promoting fairness and systemic equity in areas such as housing, community health, and access to justice.

The Harlem Community Justice Center advocates for community involvement in addressing issues and shaping the concept of justice, aiming to empower communities to reshape the systems that impact them.

Across East, Central, and West Harlem, the Harlem Community Justice Center actively cultivates robust and thriving communities.

It achieves this through locally tailored programs and services centered on fostering stable housing, enhancing neighborhood safety, providing re-entry services, cultivating relationships, addressing trauma, and engaging the younger generation with youth programming.

Notable initiatives include the Housing Help Center, Youth and Community Programming, Men’s Empowerment Program, Girl Talk, Reentry Services, and the Neighborhood Safety Initiative.

Location & Contact Information

170 E 121st St.
New York, NY 10035

Phone: 212-360-4988


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