Frequently Asked Questions

Because you and your family are worth the investment and protection that working with a trained legal professional can bring. We are in an age of specialization. Our firm specializes in divorce and family law matters and our mission is to protect what’s most important to you. Our intimate boutique setting allows us to truly analyze your case and custom tailor our approach to your family’s unique needs.

We understand the importance of communication and transparency between attorney and client and we always keep you informed of case developments. Although we would like to talk to you weekly by telephone, that would be neither practical nor productive. Legal matters have a way of stretching out over long periods of time. To you, it may often seem like ages have gone by without activity, however, in fact, much behind-the-scenes work is being completed so that on the day your matter is ready, nothing will be overlooked. In order to keep the cost of legal services down while maximizing communications, we will strive to keep you informed when anything important happens and to respond to your questions in a reasonable time. In addition, we will inform you when your presence is required, either in our office or in court.