If your ex-spouse is not following the divorce agreement

If your ex-spouse is refusing to adhere to the terms of your divorce agreement, you can let the court know. Remember, that agreement was so-ordered by a judge. So if someone’s violating it, the court does not take that lightly. What you need to do first though is make sure that the reasons you’re going back to court are not frivolous. They should be significant. So make sure you have notes, facts, circumstances, be able to tell the court what it is that is happening, when it’s happening, and why it’s such a problem. Additionally, you want to let the court know what type of relief you’d like. Remember, a judge isn’t going to be happy if his/her instructions are not being followed. You spent a lot of time on coming to that agreement. So your interests are really important.

In addition to that, you can come in and meet with us. We can talk to you and help you evaluate what’s happening and see how we best might be able to advance the relief that you’re trying to get.