Divorce Without Going To Court

You can get a divorce without going to court by really talking to your spouse, or soon to be ex-spouse and coming to terms and resolutions that both of you agree upon so that you’re both in a position to tell the court that any decisions regarding our children have been resolved. We know where they’re going to live, we know who they’re going to live with and we know how they’re going to be supported and with respect to our assets, meaning your house, your bank accounts, your property, etc., we’ve also decided how we’re going to divide those things.

Once you have that conversation, you’ll work with your lawyer and your lawyer is then going to put those in to a stipulation of settlement. That stipulation of settlement will get filed together with the necessary divorce papers. The court will review them and then they will grant your judgment of divorce and you never would have had to gone to court. It’s that simple, but if you want to learn more continue to visit our website and check out the free resources page. Really look at the blog articles that we have. We talk about divorce and uncontested divorces all day, every day and I think you’ll really find some useful information there.