Divorce Litigation or Divorce Mediation?

When you and your spouse absolutely cannot come to a meeting of the minds and you can’t resolve the issue surrounding child custody, child support, with the division of your property, it is better to go into court, have your position heard, and let the judge decide what should happen. It’s also better to pursue divorce litigation when you know that you’ve tried your best at divorce mediation and you haven’t been successful. 

There are so many other factors though that go into determining which is the best course of action for you and your family, and these are all individual. So come into the office and let’s explore the opportunities and the possibilities for each of these to benefit the needs that you and your family want to achieve in the end. Also, visit our free resources page and check out our blog, listen to the podcast, sign up for the newsletter. These are all items on our website that we’ve developed to help you and your family to achieve the best legal results possible.