Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a really tough time because it symbolizes change. The majority of people don’t go into a marriage thinking, “Hey, I hope I’m going to get divorced.” So usually you’re dealing with a wealth of emotions, heartache, sadness, recognition that there’s a loss happening, and it really is. There’s a loss of a marriage that you entered into thinking it was going to last forever. I’ve seen first hand that at the end of a very litigated divorce, parties can come out and in the end, the family can be okay.

In our family, my parents ended up working together great as co-parents. But just because the animosity in the beginning seems like it won’t end, it’s very possible and often times it does resolve so that the family can remain intact and they can actually flourish after divorce. In the beginning, it seems like there’s no hope and in the end, a new chapter is written. It might not be the chapter that they first envisioned, but it is their family and their life goes on, it doesn’t end because a divorce has happened.

There are lots of options to consider when you’re going through divorce. Our goal when a client comes in, is not just to do a one-two-three approach, a cookie-cutter, and get them out of the door. Our goal is to make sure that everything that we do and every objective, every motion, every whole settlement plan that, it is unique to that client’s family.

If you find yourself going through a change within your family, reach out to us, we’re here to help.