Changing Your Final Divorce Agreement

If you need to change aspects of your divorce agreement after the divorce is finalized, there are a number of things you can do.

The easiest is to go back to court and explain to the court the reasons why you want certain aspects changed. Essentially, you’re going to make a petition for modification and that’ll be your chance to tell the court why a specific area might not be working, or why there might have been a change of circumstance, which now makes that clause null, void, or perhaps there’s a better solution.

The good thing to know is that there’s nothing set in stone and everything can be modified. There’s a wealth of case law and a wealth of factors that can determine the success or the failure of the items you want to change. Everybody’s different.

We invite you to come in for a consultation. We will talk to you specifically about the issues that you want to modify and we’ll tell you, honestly, whether or not you have a good shot or maybe not the best argument for making those specific changes. The goal is for the agreement to work for your family and your family alone.

Check out our free resources site, come in for a consultation, and let’s take it from there. We’ll work with you to protect what’s most important to you.