Avoiding Domestic Violence – Video Transcription

Domestic violence situations are never easy. The most important thing to do first is remember that no one deserves to be threatened or abused, so you want to make sure that you keep track of what’s happening. Write it down. With technology now, you’ve got your smart phone. You’ve got all kinds of recorders. Make sure that you’re advocating for yourself. Go to the police, and let them know. There’s absolutely no shame in reporting a domestic violence allegation to the police.

You also have the avenue of going to court and seeking a temporary order of protection. A temporary order of protection will allow you to go before a judge and let them know what’s been happening to you and then the court can step in and stop the abusive partner from doing these things to you by issuing an order that lets them know that if they don’t stop the behavior, there will be consequences, criminal and civil, to pay. This often deters the spouse who’s doing these harassing and threatening behaviors to you.

You also want to keep your safety at hand first and foremost. If it’s possible, try to remove yourself. Maybe as a temporary measure it’s easier to get in your car and drive away from this person and not to engage their terrible behavior. But, remember, be gentle to yourself. You don’t deserve any of this treatment and the law will help you.

Take a few minutes and really look at the resources page on our website where you can get additional information on other measures that you might be able to take. There’re also helpful links to organizations that can help you while these types of situations are happening to you. Remember, your safety and the safety of your child is important and you need to protect that at all cost, and it’s our job to help you, and we’re happy to in any way that we can.