Avoid Common Mistakes in Child Custody Fights

Some common mistakes to avoid when facing a child custody battle are one, failing to keep your child’s best interest at hand. Remember, the children are the ones who are most affected by the dispute between the parents, so you want to always remember to act in your child’s best interest as opposed to the anger, or frustration, or upset feelings that you might have towards your ex spouse.

Two, failing to take care of yourself. Custody battles are like marathons and not sprints. You need to take care of your emotional, physical needs while you’re going through custody suit. Make time for yourself, make sure to eat properly, make sure to exercise. Make sure to really be at your best so that you can be at the best for your child. Three, failing to gather information. There are so many resources out there. Our website is a great resource. You really want to be informed. An informed person going through custody battle is much more likely to have success at the end.

Another mistake that people make is involving the children. The custody issue is not about the children taking sides. You never want to put your child in the position in which they feel torn, alienated, upset, or disloyal for caring about both parents. The goal is to make sure that the relationship between the child and both parents is intact, so you want to keep adult conversation between adults. If you feel the need to discuss your situation, talk to a trusted friend or neighbor outside of the presence of the child. Always remember that they love your ex spouse 100% and you want to keep that intact.

We’ve got a lot of helpful articles in our FAQ section of the website as well as in our e-newsletter. If you’ve got other questions, we’d love for you to come in for a consultation. We can talk specifically about how to get you through the battle and how to make sure that we protect what’s most important to you. Thanks for stopping by.