Assisted Reproductive Technology

Reproductive technology is really technology used to pave the way for more families to be able to have children, so that can be in vitro fertilization, fertility treatments, surrogacy. Using assisted reproduction technology is a choice, but you want to make an informed choice. The more knowledge you have, the better end result you’re going to have.

Our firm helps people by making it easy for them to understand what’s happening, what the terms are, what are the expectations from both parties, and what’s going to happen in the end.

Assisted reproduction technology is a rapidly advancing field, and the laws of the state really haven’t caught up to the needs of the modern family in utilizing assisted reproduction or ART. So what’s really important is to stay on top of it.

Our firm goes to every single CLE that’s possible to attend to learn more about it, and we really understand the law, we understand how the change of trends are likely to happen. It’s an area of the law where you’ve got to be on top because the modern families actually ahead of the laws that were written years ago. So now the goal is not only to meet the client’s objective but to really help them to understand the process, help even sometimes the courts to understand the process, and why it’s so important to be clear.

During this time, people should be concerned with welcoming the child or children to their family as opposed to thinking about any legal hiccups along the way. So we really work with our clients to custom tailor their approach so that they’re smiling and they’re ready to expand their families.

If you find yourself going through a change within your family, reach out to us. We’re here to help.